I like to do things,
I prefer to write code that will do things for me.

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I've always worked with tech. I managed to .join() my love for Audio and Tech and .get() a job as a large venue Audio Video Engineer. While working in that role I got to colaborate with the software company that designed the back-end management software for a venue that I maintaned. That's when I learned that developers have the COOLEST JOB!
Now, here I am, just a guy with the coolest job.
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I've made a few applications primarily using javascript for the both the front and back ends, but I'm constantly expanding my coding vocabulary which now includes Python and some Haskell

I really enjoy writing code that is both performant and easy to understand. More importantly, I like writing code that fixes real problems, so my work has tended to follow that trend.

My first full-stack application was my response to an issue at the javascript immersive I was attending. They needed a better way to organize and manage their student groups, so I built it using React.js. Eventually I moved onto more humanitarian issues and have built web and mobile apps that could potentially save lives! Head over to my app galery for more info about the work I've done.

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Coding Skills

I'm always learning new tech, but below are the things I am most excited about!


The de facto language of the internet. The language of my heart! I love javascript, not just the good parts.


I love code. I don't love semantic markup(html). React helps me write more code and less html. Thanks!


I tend to prefer Angular's less opinionated alternatives, but I can't deny how cool the Angular magic is.


Redux is great, but the redux devtools are awesome! I'd manage my state with redux just to see the state tree light up.


Python is certainly not my first language, but it's growing on me daily. I really like the no nonsense syntax.


I like to build scalable apps and scalable back-ends for them. To me that means a well designed sql that has great read/write efficiency.


Mongo is the object-oriented design staple. I use it any time rapid prototyping is a priority of my project.


A few of my applications utilize sockets and I've become deeply invested in the capabilities of this library.

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